These companies have been instrumental in making Isaac's wish a reality through their donations of materials and services to the project.

Cameron Smith, president of Product Creation Studio, designed the workbench. Designers created the illustrations and animations during the process to show Isaac and get his feedback. Engineers finalized the design, produced rapid prototypes for Isaac and created part and assembly drawings needed to fabricate parts. Final assembly is currently being done at Product Creation Studio.

Quickparts, a division of 3D Systems machined the custom aluminum legs in one of their overseas factories.

NIC Global fabricated the three steel bins. Sheet steel was laser cut, folded and seam welded before power coating.

Shoreline Community College used their technology center to machine the bin frames, tilt mechanism and the 3D machined logo.

Northup case milled down the wooden rails from a solid piece of hardwood lumber.

GM Nameplate printed Isaac workbench stickers and laminated the Thomas the Train graphic on the removable bin top.

Alaskan Copper donated aluminum bar stock used by Shoreline CC on the bin frames and tilt mechanism.

Crosscut Hardwoods secured the beech plywood used in the workbench tops.

SanJamar donated the plastic storage containers used in the desk and removable bin.

RocketDog Communications created Isaac's Workbench logo.

Lego provided lego plates used in one of the workbench tops.

Thomas and Friends provided the map of Sodor Island used in one of the workbench tops.